Friday, 3 February 2012

Intoduction to Ceol Ireland

Do you need more confidence and structure for music education for pre-school or primary school children?

With the Ceol Programmes, you receive a full year’s lesson plans, resource materials and training that make teaching music fun and simple for all. You don’t need a musical background, because the Ceol programmes are so parent and teacher friendly that you can learn as you go and the children learn through fun, games and stories.

Join us today, and let Ceol help you to transform the way you teach music in your home, montessori, classroom or facility. Our programmes cover all curriculum strands and units, introducing listening & responding, composing, performing, musical concepts and music literacy. More information at:

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Ceol Ireland at the IPPN Conference

Ceol Ireland attended the Irish Primary Principals Network Conference and Exhibition on 25th to 28th January, 2012. The response to the Ceol Stand was very positive. Many principals whose schools have been using the Ceol materials expressed their satisfaction and even joy about the programmes. Many commented that the lesson plans and resources are great fun, easy to follow and clearly build up the teachers’ confidence in teaching music, unlike any other programmes.

Those who have not yet used the programmes were very interested in their comprehensiveness, clarity, child-friendliness and professionally produced products. Ceol is expecting a new wave of interested schools in the coming months, following on from this interest.

Ceol is going from strength to strength in building programmes for all levels in pre- and primary schools. By June 2012, there will be lesson plans, professional development DVDs, resource materials and CDs for all pre- and primary children. There are specially descounted bundles for those wishing to go for more than one stage at a time. See these special offer bundles on

Comments from 3rd Level Institutions about Ceol Ireland

Comments from 3rd Level Institutions about Ceol Ireland

“Ceol’s Music in the Classroom programme supports the aims and objectives of the revised music currciulum. It works in partnership with classroom teachers, offering them innovative and relevant assistance. It also delivers enhanced music learning opportunities to the students. This classroom music programme, recognising the developmental needs of the child introdcues attractive, balanced, sequential lessons which provide opportunities for the reinforcement of the essential music education concepts outlined in the Primary School Curriculum.” Marita Kerin, N.T, B.Mus, M.Mus Ed., Trinity College Dublin, Education School

"I strongly feel that Ceol is precisely the intervention currently needed in Primary Schools – both to support the teachers and to lay the foundation for music literacy. The fact that so much work has been done already by Ceol in developing and piloting the programme makes it ideal. The Ceol project is very much in line with best practice internationally and deals with all the strands of the curriculum. Music literacy is severely under-developed in schools at present. There is no doubt that early intervention is most effective and international literature shows evidence of the correlation between music literacy and learning competencies in all curriculum subjects." Dr. Evelyn Grant, CIT Cork School of Music, Union Quay, Cork

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Comments about Ceol Ireland's Music education programme from school principals

Some recently received Comments From Primary School Principals about Ceol Ireland's Music Education Programme.

"Excellent course, covering all the elements of the music curriculum. Child-friendly and fun."
"The Ceol Programme has given the teachers great confidence. They love using the programme, and now love teaching music. Well done!"

"Excellent programme. I am delighted that our school is participating."

“I wish to endorse the Ceol project as the most fantastic and comprehensive music programme for Primary Schools. The teachers engage in training which prepares and encourages even the not-so-musically inclined teacher to teach music with confidence on their return to the classroom. Ceol equips the teacher with a well-structured programme to implement as whole class lessons. All the children really enjoy this excellent programme and it is also assisting them in Gaeilge, art, oral language, phonological awareness, listening and drama.” Ann Dempsey, St. Conleth’s Infant School, Newbridge, Kildare

"Ceol is undoubtedly the most exciting classroom-based project we are involved in. As principal of the school I am impressed with the fundamental principles of the project and how highly they correlate with the key principles of the revised curriculum. We feel very privileged to be included in the Ceol programme…In my experience there is no other music support materials for the revised curriculum currently on the market with all the necessary elements included. In one sentence, what has it done for us? …It has enabled the teachers to take the music curriculum books and transform them into a dynamic, lived curriculum." Ena Morley, St. Ultan’s N.S. Cherry Orchard, Dublin
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Comments from Teachers about Ceol Ireland

Some recently received comments about the Ceol Ireland Mucic Training Programme from Primary School Teachers.

"In over 30 years teaching, I have not come across a more comprehensive music programme. I have really enjoyed teaching Ceol all year, and most importantly the children have enjoyed it and have learnt so much..."

"Ceol has been, by far, the best music resource I have worked with. It was fun and enjoyable for both myself and the children...As a teacher, I have learned so much from the Ceol Programme..."

"I would absolutely recommend the Ceol Programme to others, as it covers all aspects of the music curriculum in a fun, teacher-and-child-friendly way that is manageable within the classroom."
"The Ceol Programme is a God-send. I now enjoy teaching music for the first time!"

“I’m delighted with the programme and most especially with the lesson plans…” Mary Dower, Junior Infant Teacher, Cork City

“The Ceol Programme is excellent and covers every aspect of the curriculum. I love it and the children love it too…” Mary Hynes, Junior Infant Teacher, Dublin

“I am delighted with the Ceol programme. I think it is very well structured and the training sessions make the programme very easy to follow.” Maeve O’Leary, Junior Infant Teacher, Co. Cork
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