Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Comments about Ceol Ireland's Music education programme from school principals

Some recently received Comments From Primary School Principals about Ceol Ireland's Music Education Programme.

"Excellent course, covering all the elements of the music curriculum. Child-friendly and fun."
"The Ceol Programme has given the teachers great confidence. They love using the programme, and now love teaching music. Well done!"

"Excellent programme. I am delighted that our school is participating."

“I wish to endorse the Ceol project as the most fantastic and comprehensive music programme for Primary Schools. The teachers engage in training which prepares and encourages even the not-so-musically inclined teacher to teach music with confidence on their return to the classroom. Ceol equips the teacher with a well-structured programme to implement as whole class lessons. All the children really enjoy this excellent programme and it is also assisting them in Gaeilge, art, oral language, phonological awareness, listening and drama.” Ann Dempsey, St. Conleth’s Infant School, Newbridge, Kildare

"Ceol is undoubtedly the most exciting classroom-based project we are involved in. As principal of the school I am impressed with the fundamental principles of the project and how highly they correlate with the key principles of the revised curriculum. We feel very privileged to be included in the Ceol programme…In my experience there is no other music support materials for the revised curriculum currently on the market with all the necessary elements included. In one sentence, what has it done for us? …It has enabled the teachers to take the music curriculum books and transform them into a dynamic, lived curriculum." Ena Morley, St. Ultan’s N.S. Cherry Orchard, Dublin
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