Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Comments from Teachers about Ceol Ireland

Some recently received comments about the Ceol Ireland Mucic Training Programme from Primary School Teachers.

"In over 30 years teaching, I have not come across a more comprehensive music programme. I have really enjoyed teaching Ceol all year, and most importantly the children have enjoyed it and have learnt so much..."

"Ceol has been, by far, the best music resource I have worked with. It was fun and enjoyable for both myself and the children...As a teacher, I have learned so much from the Ceol Programme..."

"I would absolutely recommend the Ceol Programme to others, as it covers all aspects of the music curriculum in a fun, teacher-and-child-friendly way that is manageable within the classroom."
"The Ceol Programme is a God-send. I now enjoy teaching music for the first time!"

“I’m delighted with the programme and most especially with the lesson plans…” Mary Dower, Junior Infant Teacher, Cork City

“The Ceol Programme is excellent and covers every aspect of the curriculum. I love it and the children love it too…” Mary Hynes, Junior Infant Teacher, Dublin

“I am delighted with the Ceol programme. I think it is very well structured and the training sessions make the programme very easy to follow.” Maeve O’Leary, Junior Infant Teacher, Co. Cork
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